Alright guys, here we have a pinup request from my discord. Also, guys make sure to check out my webcomic

Anna Nishinomiya, she was picked from my discord for my weekly sketch.

Commission Prices
Black & white Pinups

For 1 character B&W pinup $60

For 2 character B&W pinup $100

Full body colored Pinups

For 1 character with full color pinup $140

For 2 character with full color pinup with background. $180

For 3 character with full color pinup with background. $220

For 4 character with full color pinup with background. $260

What you will get:
1. All pieces are digital. You will receive a high-resolution A5 – A4 size digital file or whatever size you want.
2. Also get the copy of the PSD file if you request it.
3. Unlimited edited upon completion
4. Will get copy of sketches and clean digital ink lines and full color art.

1. Payment by PayPal only, either all up front, or half up front and half at finish.
2. No faces of existing people, yours or a celebrity’s.
3. No male-male sex, scat, vomit, gore, or guro. Not our kind of art.

1. Expect one week per character, not counting additional time for corrections.
For more information regarding commissions, contact.


Quick drawing of Yang Xiao long. Did this sketch on my Microsoft surface pro one. with the default pen. Talking about a challenges. lol