Privacy Policy

All personal information is kept private at CYBERUNIQUEART and will not be shared with others, distributed, or sold. To keep your information confidential, do not share your username or your password. Sensitive information submitted to CYBERUNIQUEART is fully protected online and offline.

All CYBERUNIQUEART transactions will be registered as “CYBERUNIQUEART”, “CYBERUNIQUEART, LLC”, or “CYBERUNIQUEART Store” on billing statements. Any purchases on CYBERUNIQUEART on your credit card will be charged instantly. This goes for any subscriptions as well.

Refund Policy for digital goods

All digital purchases on CYBERUNIQUEART are non-refundable.

Customer Service

If further help with a purchase or a request for information is required, you may contact us using our Contact Us form page. Please fill out all fields thoroughly. Direct contact to our support line can be reached at  404-437-2653. Contact hours are 10 AM – 6 PM (EST).